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Feng Shui


Energetic Space Clearing 

Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Enhances the overall energy in your life through your physical space:

  • Careers

  • Relationships with Friends and Family

  • Health & Wellness

  • Prosperity & Wealth

  • Love and Marriage

  • Reputation & Fame

  • Creativity

  • Children

  • Travel

  • Self-Cultivation and Personal Knowledge






Feng Shui is the technique which takes a look at your physical home, office, business, and even your car to see how the energy is moving and might be blocked.  

By becoming aware of the areas of your space and where you would like to see change and making those changes by either moving items, adding color(s), assessing the five elements which enhance the energy flow in your space and adding those elements as physical items or colors in paint or fabric.

Space clearing & Alignment involves many techniques which help move, shift and get rid of all the unseen energy in our lives to enhance and revitalize us!


  • Perfect for Airbnb and Rental homes & Spaces!  


  • Energetic Space Clearing - Clears the home and aligns with new Renters & Bookings!  

  • Commercial Spaces

  • Small Businesses

I remotely take a look at your floor plan, tap into the energy of the space (home, land, building, business) and energetically space clear the space.  I set up an altar to honor your home space, and space clear with different modalities, one being sound (crystal bowl, drumming, etc). I share what comes up via voice recording so you have this to listen to.   

Space clearing enhances Feng Shui, and can also be prepared together and separately.


Feng Shui & Energetic Space Clearing Consultation:

  • 2.5+ Hours

  • Virtual or In-Person  (space clearing is virtual (1+ hour)

  • Discounted Multiple Sessions - Follow-up Session, Quarterly, Biannual

  • Consultations Rates under 1,500 square feet home, business or office space.

  • Consultation Rates for over 1,500 square foot home, business or office space.


I provide an open discussion on the assessment of the space and discuss many options to change areas of attention on what the client would like to change and enhance in their lives and the lives of their family members. The client is able to record and write down the consultation and take notes. 


I say I’m a Feng Shui’r and an Energetic Space Clearer.  

I work with the unseen life force energy that is all around us, which has many names: chi, breath, prana. I also work with the seen life force energy around us, that represents physical décor and objects, in a Space.

A Space can expand to infinity & beyond from a car, desk, room, apartment, home, store, building, business, corporation – and all the Spaces in between.  


Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it.” 
– Albert Einstein

Why would anyone want to have a Feng Shui Consultation or Energetic Space Clearing in a space?

They (person / people / humans, couple, family (family members), business & corporate (all levels employees, investors, board members) – and all of They/Them in between, are looking to Allow and Align with new energy in their daily lives that better support Them and in The Space.

Feng Shui & Energetic Space Clearing 
Enhances the life force energy in The Space that reflects the lives in and around The Space:

•    Careers (Change, New, Promotion)

•    Relationships (All People within The Space or outside of The Space) Partnerships – business, Family Partnerships, Clients)

•    Health & Wellness (Of Everyone within The Space)

•    Prosperity & Wealth (Grow & Prosper in all forms of abundance) (more clients & customers)

•    Love and Marriage (Align, Call-in, Enhance)

•    Reputation & Fame (How You, and all of They are being perceived in The Space – and how can that be upgraded)

•    Creativity (Create, Inspiration) 

•    Children (Conceive, Adoption, Shift behavior)

•    Travel (Where to next?) 

•    Self-Cultivation and Personal Knowledge (Inner Self Care Work, Additional Training & Education) 

•    Helpful People (People, Teams, Business, Clients, to help and support you) 


When you work with Sara you tap into the perfect blend of magic, practicality, whimsy, and groundedness in order to clear stagnant energy in your space, reorganize placements to support optimal flow, and set new intentions for how you want to live, work, and play in your space. Sara has the ability to tap into the vibe of a place without even stepping foot in it. I’ve worked with her both in person and long distance and the outcome is always the same. Clarifying and clearing. 

Every single time I work with Sara within my physical working space or at my home the energy shifts almost instantly and things begin to flow to me in ways that seem miraculous. Though it seems miraculous and “out of nowhere”, time and time again Sara reminds me that part of the work she does is about getting things out of the way in order to support alignment between us and the spaces we inhabit. When there is alignment all things can move with more freedom and harmony in our lives.

If you are in need of a shift or even just curious what space clearing coupled with Feng Shui is all about I HIGHLY recommend Sara!

-Octavia Raheem, author of Gather and Pause, Rest, Be | Founder of Starshine & Clay Online Yoga Studio for Black Women and Women of Color

"Sara is one amazing human being and a powerful woman. I hired Sara to come to two of my homes to provide a Space Clearing as well as a Feng Shui consultation. I had just moved into the homes and I wanted to ensure that my home was cleared of any lingering energy and filled with energy that would lift up all areas of my life. Sara arrived promptly with all of her necessary tools to support the clearing. She set up an altar that represented positive energy as well as releasing all negativity. She immediately got to work clearing the inside and outside of my homes. The process was beautiful to watch. While Sara was providing the clearing, she also shared intuitive insights about the homes and how they were watched over my specific angels. 


After completing the space clearing she walked through my home to help me understand what each room represented and how to cultivate the energy including how and where to place certain items. She thoroughly explained the four elements of fire, earth, wood, metal, and water. I am convinced that her space clearing and feng shui services are what contributed to the life I have today. I am living the life I had always dreamed about. When we focus energy on what we want to create, we get it. Having Sara's help to clear the energy so that the only energy welcomed was energy that I allowed in. She shared tips and tricks for Feng Shui. One thing I love about her Feng Shui approach is that she can use items that you already have. I did not feel as though I needed to go out and buy all new decor. I could move and rearrange and create significance out of things I already had. 


She is very intuitive and passionate about her work. She makes the process fun. If you listen to her wisdom and take action she can help you create your dream life. I HIGHLY recommend Sara to help you align with your life and your home."

- Lindsey Lang, Certified Life Coach

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