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Join Allison Pelot and Sara Egert for the Portal of the Heart Day Retreat - for the perfectly imperfect YOU!


Saturday, October 21st from 10-3 in Portland, OR!


The Portal of the Heart contains everything about you, the truth of who you are, emerging into the power of your essence. In this exceptional day retreat, Allison and Sara will guide you to trust your body and heart and understand the magnificence of expanding your heart space, truly embracing your heart, mind, and spirit connection throughout your whole being.

Our life experiences from memories, emotions, and trauma have closed down and built up walls around our heart space. We have created this whole day for YOU to embrace, see, feel, and heal into your heart space with gentle movement, reflective journaling, vocal toning and breathwork.  Open the portal of YOUR heart for the perfectly imperfect YOU!


Portal of the Heart Day Retreat:

• Movement

• Reflective Journaling

• Vocal Expression

• Breathwork [conscious connect circular | Rebirthing Breathwork]


Movement: When we hold restrictions in our body and mind, we tend to bypass the heart. Being flexible both physically and energetically embodies you in your heart center. We’ll be doing gentle stretching and mobilizing areas around our heart space. No experience is needed.


Reflective Journaling: Reflecting and writing out our story is a way we can begin to heal our hearts. We will bring our attention to what we’d like to release and open up space to create new life stories and possibilities.


Vocal Expression: The sound of our voice is a precious tool for connecting with our hearts. When we experience the sound of our unique voice signature, we honor ourselves with compassion and love. Using your own voice creates a somatic and profoundly relaxing experience.


Breathwork: Our breath is a beautiful teacher and connector to our own Divine Essence and Truth, feeling a deeper connection to us and all that is, letting go of what is no longer supporting and serving us, and clarity and so much more!!!




This Portal of the Heart Retreat Day is for you to take a break for yourself, rest, refresh, and prioritize your physical and mental well-being.

A perfect self-care day for YOU! Bring Yourself and invite others!


Space is limited!

A full day for you - with all of the above!  

Get a signed copy of Allison’s book, Finally Thriving!

Allison Pelot

Author, Holistic Wellness & Mindset Coach

Allison has spent almost 20 years supporting her clients as a holistic fitness trainer and energy healer specializing in rapid, sustainable change through corrective exercise, metabolic nutrition and energetic alignment. She specializes in guiding her clients to feel strong, confident, and calm in their bodies for life changing results with practical proven energy skills; including mindfulness, self reflection, and deep affirmations that allow them to practically manifest their reality through personal growth.


Allison's background includes a BS in exercise science from GA State University, she's a certified CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition & Life Coach, and she's held various certifications in the healing arts such as Pranic Healing, inner child healing, story work and emotional intelligence. Her intention is to bring all of this wisdom together for you to apply in your own life so that you can let go of self limiting beliefs and tap into your true personal creator-ship. Experience your true power within. Through Allison's signature mix of humor, entertainment, and authenticity her podcast, Integrate Yourself and best selling book Finally Thriving, have inspired thousands to approach their health and wellness in a whole new way.


By honoring your unique creative process you get to express yourself authentically. This creates a sense of inner peace and a greater understanding of who you are and how you’d like to show up in the world. You can then navigate your life with confidence, love and compassion no matter what comes your way. Tap into your creative healthy expression, understand yourself, embrace your joy, and create the body and life you want, starting right now!

Instagram: @allisonpelot_

Facebook: @PureEnergyWellness

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